HQKZ-006 Wood Brown Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

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  • Its tonearm is exquisitely designed, L-shaped and made of aluminum, ensuring excellent fidelity of sound quality.
  • The high-performance moving magnet phono cartridge ATN-3600L can present exquisite sound quality details.
  • The belt drive system ensures smooth rotation of records, providing a high-quality music experience.
  • Bluetooth and RCA modes allow users to easily transfer audio signals to external sound systems.
Color: Brown

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The Brown Turntable HQKZ-006 Has a Unique Design and Excellent Sound Quality

Designed for music enthusiasts and people with a fashionable taste.

Excellent sound quality and playback controls

The exquisite tonearm design ensures precise contact between the needle and the record, presenting every detail of the music. Users can also easily adjust the stylus pressure, ensuring high fidelity of sound quality.

Excellent music enjoyment

Its belt-driven system delivers high-fidelity sound quality. The solid MDF base and aluminum turntable provide clearer and more stable sound quality. Dual speed adjustment functions of 33⅓ RPM and 45 RPM provide users with a wider range of music choices.

A comprehensive audio device

RCA output ensures clear and stable sound quality. Built-in digital conversion capabilities expand the diversity of music sources. Powerful Bluetooth technology enables convenient Bluetooth connection. Enables users to enjoy the high fidelity of sound quality

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HQKZ-006 Wood Brown Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

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Customer Reviews

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The Expresidents
Bluetooth doesn't turn off, but they gave me partial refund.

Warning! Anyone buying this.....the Bluetooth turns on and has no pairing code and cannot be turned off.This means: if you live in an apartment building, if you live with roommates, they will hear your music. Your music will be known to the world.....and there is NO way to shut it off.Other than that, the turntable is nice, and looks good.Edit: I too have noticed it plays at different speeds. This isn't good. I'll wait till it wears out, then buy an Audio Technica.

Ronny Elliot Fan

This is a decent turntable for the money. Please explain why the power switch and the Bluetooth indicator light are on the back of the turntable. If you put this unit into a cabinet, you cannot see the switch or the pairing light. Is that stupid or are they just being cheap? Also do not be deceived by the pictures. The tonearm is NOT metal as you might think from the pictures. I don't know if this makes a real difference but it does make it look and feel cheaper. Do read the setup instructions. Do not assume that you don't need to. I am connecting to my 7 channel receiver that has Bluetooth and the sound is great. Overall, I am happy with my purchase but it could definitely be improved.

Carol Markley
Nice Turntable but Frustrating Set Up

A nice turntable with good sound. However, directions for setting counterweight were confusing. Also, I had a lot of difficulty with the belt. Consequently, records were turning too fast and sounded like chipmunks or conversely, the belt kept slipping off of the spindle and made the platter inoperable. It took me over an hour to finally set the belt correctly! Very frustrating!!

I bought something
Note To Manufacturer

Manual lift arm did not work. The function is critical to place the needle safely while cuing the record. I repaired this and a broken wire off the stylus to the control board as well. The rear Line/Phono slide switch functions opposite of the silk screening but not critical. Now the turntable runs great and sounds good. Currently paired with a 1974 Radio Shack TX-8511 Modulaire receiver. If your lever doesn't work, just unplug power, protect the surface with a towel, and use electronic cleaner carefully down the wider of the two posts on the black stylus rail and work it up and down to free the assembly. NO acetone you'll harm the finish. Have fun.

Frank Bethardy