1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty: Your Music, Our Promise

At Wavelegend, we understand how important hi-fi is to music lovers. We proudly offer a one-year product warranty to ensure you always receive the best support and service in your purchase and enjoyment of high-quality music.

1. 1 Year Complete Coverage

Our one year warranty covers all vital parts and functions of your hi-fi turntable, turntable accessories and speakers purchase. Whether it's a hardware failure or a performance issue, we've got you covered with a full warranty.

2. Professional Support Team

We have a team of experienced repair experts to ensure that your product can be repaired quickly and effectively when you have any issues on the products. We specialize in maintaining the exceptional performance of your hi-fi speakers to ensure your music is always clear and beautiful. Contact our after-sales team support@wavelegend.com anytime when you have questions.

3. Worry-Free Warranty Process

If your product has any problems during the warranty period, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team will provide you with detailed support and guide you through the warranty process to ensure your issue is handled properly.

4. Genuine Parts

Our repair services use Genuine Parts to ensure the quality and performance of your restoration will be as good as your new purchase. This promise is our firm guarantee of the performance and value of your hi-fi.

5. Worldwide Coverage

No matter where you are located once you choose to be our customer, we provide warranty service to customers around the world. Our global network ensures that you have top-notch support wherever you are, to ensure your music experience is uninterrupted.

Wavelegend's one-year warranty is our promise to your love of music. We not only provide superior hi-fi products, but also provide you with a hassle-free shopping experience. Whether you are a music enthusiast or a beginner looking for the perfect sound quality, our warranty commitment is designed to make your music journey unimpeded and enjoy the magic of music.