Company Introduction


Slogan: Keep Your Audio, Keep Your Memory

Core concept: WAVELEGEND's core philosophy stems from a deep love for music and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe that music is an integral part of life and a powerful force that connects people's hearts. Therefore, we are committed to being the guardians of sound, presenting audio lovers with a pure and authentic music experience using advanced technology and superior design. At WAVELEGEND, we not only manufacture high-fidelity vinyl turntables, but also deliver passion and expertise in the pursuit of sound quality. We believe that every song is a story and every note is an emotion, and our mission is to capture and preserve these precious sounds forever, so that music can leave a deep mark on people's lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to capture, preserve, and enhance the core essence of the audio experience.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a more outstanding and immersive audio experience through continuous innovation and technological upgrades, and to bring the true beauty of music to every music lover.

Product Features

WAVELEGEND's vinyl turntables combine unique features and cutting-edge technological advantages to provide users with a superior audio experience. We pride ourselves on high-fidelity sound quality, using advanced audio processing technology to ensure that every rotation restores the original flavor of the music.

Design Concept

At WAVELEGEND, we treat product design and manufacturing as an art, striving for excellence, uniqueness and durability. Our design philosophy is based on the ultimate dedication to sound quality and user experience. We focus on appearance design, using classic craftsmanship and fashionable elements to make the vinyl turntable not only an excellent audio equipment, but also an exquisite work of art.

Manufacturing Standards

At WAVELEGEND, we have a strong commitment to product quality, integrating excellence into every detail. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and strict quality control standards to ensure that every vinyl turntable reaches the highest level of performance and reliability. Our production processes comply with ISO quality management systems and adopt environmentally friendly production practices to ensure product quality and sustainability. We conduct detailed inspections of every component and process to ensure that users receive not only a piece of equipment, but also a commitment to excellent quality.

Warranty Policy

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected not only in product quality, but also in our warranty policy. Every WAVELEGEND product enjoys a strict warranty period, and we promise to repair or replace any faults caused by manufacturing defects free of charge during the warranty period. Our warranty policy is designed to provide customers with a worry-free shopping experience so that they feel secure and satisfied with their decision to choose WAVELEGEND. We pay attention to customer feedback, respond quickly and provide timely after-sales service to ensure that customers always enjoy excellent quality and unparalleled music experience when using our products. We know that customer satisfaction is our greatest success, so our warranty policy is a reflection of our commitment to customers and our firm belief in the excellent performance of our products.

Environmental Initiatives

At WAVELEGEND, we are sustainability-oriented and committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products. We focus on the entire product life cycle, from material selection to manufacturing and use, to ensure our products are environmentally friendly.

  • Material selection: We choose environmentally friendly materials and encourage supply chain partners to use renewable and recyclable materials to reduce resource consumption.
  • Energy efficiency: We strive to improve the energy efficiency of our products and adopt energy-saving designs and technologies to reduce energy demand during use.
  • Circular economy: We encourage product repair and renewal to extend product life cycles and reduce waste. In addition, we are committed to the sustainable recycling and disposal of end-of-life equipment.

These practices are our commitment to environmental protection to ensure that our products meet the needs of users while reducing the burden on the earth as much as possible.

Community Involvement

As a socially responsible company, we actively participate in and support various activities in local and global communities. We recognize that a strong community is key to our success and engage in the community through:

  • Educational program support: We support educational programs in music and technology to provide opportunities for younger generations to develop their creativity and skills.
  • Charitable Donations: We regularly donate audio equipment and resources to support arts and cultural events in the community.
  • Green community initiative: We participate in promoting green community initiatives and encourage employees to participate in environmental protection activities, such as tree planting, garbage cleaning, etc.

Through these community engagement initiatives, we hope to create a positive impact on the community while building a community network that works together, helps and cooperates with each other. This is our contribution to society and part of our efforts to achieve our sustainable development goals.