Dear Social Media Influencers,

We are fascinated by your social media presence and influence and think you have a unique opportunity to partner with our brand. Retrolife is a brand passionate about hi-fi, retro speakers and sound, our mission is to immerse people in the charm of music and sound and create an unforgettable listening experience.

Why should you work with us?

First and foremost, we believe your passion and influence can bring unique value to lovers of music and sound. By working with us, you will be able to:

1. Experience exceptional hi-fi and music equipment and discover the depth and detail of your music.
2. Work with music industry experts and audiophiles to create meaningful content.
3. Share the magic of music and sound and spread your passion to a global audience.
4. Take part in unique music events and product launches, and join us on the journey of sound.

We strive for excellence and seek to partner with individuals who share our passion and expertise. We believe that by working together, we can bring unique experiences to music lovers and audio fans, and leave deep sound memories together.

Recruitment Conditions

Influencer Qualifications

the number of followers is greater than 3k, and the content type and audience of the channel need to be reviewed.

Cooperation Details

After the cooperation is reached, a cooperation details form will be sent, including the contract period, cooperation content, remuneration, etc.

Submit an Application

Contact us at, send your YouTube ID, cooperation requirements, and we will contact you further.

Our brand values ​​and philosophy are deeply rooted in a love of music and sound and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

At Audio Keeper, we see music as a means of communication beyond words, where sound is the expression of human emotions and memories. Our brand is dedicated to bringing this passion to the world, bringing people deeper into the power and beauty of music through hi-fi, vintage speakers and music gear.

Our products are more than technical masterpieces, they are rituals of music and sound. Our vinyl turntables transport you through time for a true musical experience. Our audio equipment achieves a level of excellence in sonic detail and emotional expression, making music as moving as a live performance.

Our Story

The story of Audio Keeper is a journey of passion and dedication to excellence. Our team is composed of music lovers, sound engineers and designers, working together to create the best audio products and cultural experiences related to music. Each of our products is unique with proud craftsmanship and design behind it.

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Why Choose Audio Keeper

We believe that music and sound are a force that transcends cultures and boundaries, connecting people, bringing joy and empathy. We invite potential influencers to partner with us to share this exciting journey of music and sound and bring it to a global audience. What we pursue is excellence, innovation and passion, which are the core concepts of our brand.

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Join Us!

By working with Audio Keeper, you will become a disseminator of sound and music, experience the charm of our products, and the opportunity to participate in the creation of music culture. We look forward to exploring the beauty of sound together with you and creating a profound impact in the music world.

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Contact Us

To make sure potential influencers can reach us easily, we have several ways to get in touch:

Email: You can contact us by sending an email to Our customer support team will respond to your email as quickly as possible with the support and information you need.

Social Media: You can interact and connect with us on our social media platforms. Our social media accounts include: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube etc.

Phone: If you prefer to contact us by phone, you can call our customer service line at (339) 970-8988‬ and our customer support team will answer your call during business hours.

No matter which contact method you choose, we look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.
We encourage potential influencers to contact us at any time, whether they have questions about partnership opportunities, the application process or anything else, we will do our best to assist. Thank you for your interest and look forward to establishing a beneficial partnership with you!