Explore the Sound of Music: Wavelegend's Brand Story

In this digital age, music has become accessible, but for many music lovers, the precious experience of sound quality has been somewhat forgotten. Our company has always been committed to rekindling the enthusiasm for music, and passing on the essence of music by manufacturing high-fidelity vinyl turntables.

【A Look Back at History】

Our brand originated decades ago, when music still dominated the market in the form of vinyl records. Back then, our founder was an audiophile who firmly believed that the true musical experience came from vinyl records. So he started looking for the perfect vinyl turntable, only to find that the options on the market were limited and of varying quality. All this led him to decide to manufacture high-quality vinyl turntables himself, in order to realize his pursuit of perfect sound quality.

Over the years, we have been carefully researching and developing and constantly innovating to satisfy music lovers' desire for high-fidelity sound quality. We are proud that our vinyl turntables not only inherit the traditional sound quality characteristics, but also incorporate modern technology to ensure that the music is presented at its best.

【Exceptional Team】

Our success is inseparable from our team, experts in their field with years of experience and passion. Our engineers are proficient in acoustics and electronics, they are not only the makers, but also the guardians of the music. Our designers pay attention to detail and strive to maintain the aesthetics and style of our vinyl turntables. Our teams are the soul of our brand, their hard work and talent make our products exceptional.

【Manufacturing Process】

Our manufacturing process is an art that requires skill and dedication. We use the highest quality materials and strive for excellence in every detail. Our vinyl turntables are manufactured with precise craftsmanship, ensuring that they not only look great, but sound great as well. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are durable and able to provide users with long-term musical enjoyment.

【What Makes Us different】

We are different because our passion for music runs through our brand DNA. We believe that music is an expression of emotion, and true sound quality can deeply touch people's hearts. Our turntables are more than just music playback devices, they are a traditional art form that carries on the musical tradition. Our mission is to provide high-fidelity sound quality to meet the needs of music lovers, so that they can find inspiration and joy in music.

In short, our brand story is a journey of persistent pursuit of music passion. Our team is dedicated to making exceptional products to ensure that every song is delivered in the best possible quality. We pride ourselves on being the first choice for music lovers, bringing them the true beauty of music. That's our brand, our mission, and what keeps us going.

【The Partnership Between Wavelegend & Retrolife】

As you can see that some of our products belong to Retrolife, because there is a close partnership between Wavelegend and Retrolife, where Wavelegend is an emerging manufacturer of new brands. As a partner, Retrolife authorizes all of its stock products to be provided to Wavelegend for sale on the latter’s brand website. The uniqueness of this cooperation is that Retrolife provides Wavelegend with a unique brand license, ensuring that the products sold are unique and independent in the market. This cooperation model provides Wavelegend with the opportunity to enrich its brand product portfolio through Retrolife's product line and establish its unique position in the market through special brand licensing.

The Brand of "Retrolife" belong to ZENG JIAN QING, as you can see the file:

At November 1st, 2023, ZENG JIANQING Authorized Guangzhou Fanlitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. “LÜ Peitong”  (Legal name) as a distributor to sell “Retrolife” Products. please check the Brand Authorization Letter below:


【Our Promise】

Our company and brand promise to work tirelessly to provide customers with excellent products and quality services. We will continue to pursue innovation and strive to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, ensuring that they can enjoy the best vinyl system, audio, audio-visual experience, and feel our care and commitment in every interaction.

We regard customer satisfaction and trust as the highest honor and will do our best to create a better life for them.