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Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of our turntables, record players, speakers and accessories is a precise and critical process designed to achieve the highest quality audio experience. First, we carefully select our raw materials to ensure they meet strict quality standards. Our team of professionals then transforms these raw materials into impressive audio equipment using advanced production processes.

Purchase of Raw Materials

To ensure that the products we manufacture meet high quality standards, we source our raw materials with great care and strictness.

And through strict control and supervision of the raw material procurement process, we ensure that every material we use meets the highest quality standards, thereby providing customers with high-quality product manufacturing. This strict selection criteria for raw materials is a critical part of our manufacturing process, ensuring the excellence of our products in the market.

Production Process

Our production process is a highly precise and detail-focused process designed to create exceptional vinyl turntables, record players, speakers and accessories.

Our production process pays great attention to details and quality control in every aspect. This ensures that we manufacture vinyl turntables, record players, speakers and accessories that deliver superior audio performance, reliability and durability to meet the high standards of music lovers.


Our quality control system is a key component in ensuring every product meets high standards.

Our goal is to ensure that every product meets or exceeds our customers' expectations, providing reliable, high-performance and long-lasting audio equipment. By adhering to high standards of quality control, we have built a reputation that provides our customers with the confidence to ensure they receive the best product experience possible.

Technology and Equipment

Our manufacturing processes rely on advanced technology and highly sophisticated production equipment that are invested in to ensure the best combination of production efficiency and product quality.

Through the use of these advanced technologies and production equipment, we are able to achieve highly precise manufacturing, ensuring product performance, reliability and consistency. This not only improves production efficiency, but also strengthens strict quality control, allowing our products to stand out in the market and provide customers with an excellent audio experience. We firmly believe that continuous investment in technology and equipment is key to ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our manufacturing processes.

Staff Team

Our proud production team is at the heart of our high-quality products. Our team members are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and extensive training, dedicated to ensuring every product is of the highest standard.

Our production team is not only equipped with professional knowledge and skills, but also with passion and commitment to provide customers with excellent products. They are an integral part of our manufacturing process, ensuring every product is high quality, reliable and satisfactory. We are proud to recognize their efforts and contributions, which are one of the key factors in our success.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

We understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainability in modern manufacturing, so we have taken a series of measures to reduce our impact on the environment and fulfill our environmental responsibilities.

We feel deeply responsible and committed to reducing the negative impact of our production processes on the environment and actively take steps to support sustainability and environmental goals. We believe that through these efforts, we can make positive contributions to the environment and society and make our own contribution to future sustainable development.

Production Capacity

We have excellent production capabilities and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the market, whether it is mass production or customized production.

In short, our production capabilities are diverse and flexible and can meet various market needs. Whether it is mass production or customized production, we are committed to providing high-quality products to meet customer requirements and ensure timely delivery. We provide our customers with unparalleled flexibility and reliability to meet their changing needs.

Case Study

These cases highlight our ability to work closely with our clients to meet their unique needs. Whether it is special projects, high-end customization or mass production, we provide customers with satisfactory solutions with excellent quality and reliability. We look forward to continuing to work with customers across a variety of industry sectors to jointly drive innovation and development in audio technology.

Quality Certification

We attach great importance to quality certification and industry standard compliance to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

These quality certifications and industry standard compliance reflect our commitment to product quality, reliability and safety. They ensure that our products meet the highest standards globally, provide customers with an excellent audio experience, and protect the safety of the environment and users. We will continue to follow and update these certifications to ensure our products remain high quality and compliant.

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